The first three chapters

Touch of Danger is the second book in my trilogy of books based on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. There are four sub-tropical islands in the group and Macleay Island is the central one in these stories. It’s also where I... read more

Naming the Horse

Desmond L. Kelly 2,250 words   21 June 2016 Mr Beaker Jones  sat at his desk, his elbows on the large and clean sheet of blotter in its holder with the blue leather, hand tooled corners. Between the fingers of his two hands he rolled and turned the shiny black barrel... read more

Three, Two, One…Blast Off!

On November 3rd I publish my second novel. Woohoo! God, it’s been a hard tough process and very expensive – but I suppose I really knew all that before I started. I’ve done it before. Mind you, it’s not all doom and gloom, not by a long shot. I think Ripple of... read more


Last July I turned 88 and  and that number always rings in my ears because as a youngster during the Second World War, I learned about the famous German piece of artillery called the 88. That was because it had the bore of 8.8cms or 88 mm. That in itself was quite... read more

Four Detective Series

I’ve been thinking about some of the detective TV I have watched over the last year, in particular: Foyle’s War, Inspector George Gently, Midsomer Murders and Vera. I don’t know if these series are’m  seen in the United States. It seems a long time since I saw a US... read more


  In 1978, Edward Bond wrote the quote below in his second volume of collected plays, called, PLAYS TWO. Like George Bernard Shaw, Bond wrote long and thoughtful introductions to his plays and both introductions and plays are well worth reading. His whole life he... read more

Picasso’s Line…

In my novel, Death of a Friend, Detective Inspector Fiona Collins comes into Karl Landry’s office to discuss some painting remnants found in a fire ravaged house. She makes herself comfortable in his expensive office furniture and the following scene takes place: She... read more

Post 3: I Write Because…

  I write because I want to. I write because I want to write something good, because I want to reward myself; because I want to look at what I’ve written and be proud of it. That’s why I write. I think that’s why everyone who writes, wants to write.... read more

Post 2: STORM

As I said in the last Post, I now have STORM up and running on all platforms and with a bit of luck I hope to have it free on Amazon by the next Post in a fortnight. It’s a novella – about 25,000 words – about the death of a young man on the ferry marina at... read more

Post 1: A Brand New Day

G’day friends and readers Stand back, I’m about to have another shy at this blog business – because I think it’s important. It’s important because it goes in tandem with my new Subscribers’ List. And that list is new, because the last one I attempted got lost in spam,... read more

Death of a Friend Pt 2

There truly is something magical about holding a copy of your own book in your hands. I felt it when the proof copy of Death of a Friend arrived and I picked it up and looked through all those pages. Since then a number of good biased friends have told me how much... read more

Fathers’ Day Milestone

It’s Fathers’ Day! And I’ve done it. I have my first Amazon novel up on screen today, quite fortuitously, Fathers’ Day here. It’s ready to go. It took years of labour to get it this far and yet that may be the easier part of publishing. Getting it read..

read more

Getting the Baby Born

I’m still sweating blood trying to get my novel, Death of a Friend, out as an ebook. I intend having the book on the web by the end of this month, August. It’s a big undertaking writing a novel and for me, my contract with you says I must publish a good book; a... read more


I have been beavering away trying to win the war over my struggle with technology to get my novel, Death of a Friend, up on Amazon. For a newcomer everything takes longer, however I’m getting there. One of the things to do is write a blurb for the back cover. It... read more

Death Of A Friend

I’ve been working hard on writing a novel and getting it up on Amazon as both ebook and print book. Doing that, is simple in theory but a bit tricky in practice, at least the first time. It pays to be quite tech savvy and needless to say, I’m not. Hey ho,... read more

First of the Many

The First Fifteen I’ve made it! I’ve got this blog up and running even if I am a touch unsure about how to work it. That’s the disadvantage of having the computer come fairly late into life. Technically, it’s a struggle. The second thing is that one of the first... read more

The Big Step

I am a reader. I am a writer too, but let me put that aside for the moment. I have always been a reader. I have happy memories of the infants’ class, standing beside the knee of kindly Miss Easdale as she helped me revel in mastering the technique of reading those... read more

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