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I live on a subtropical island in Moreton Bay about an hour from Brisbane, Australia. It’s a nice place with good people.

Born in the Blue Mountains of Australia, I was whipped off to New Zealand at the age of four, after my mother had one row too many with her mother-in-law. They were a pair of feisty women.

I was 77 years of age before I returned to live in the country of my origin. I am therefore, Australian by birth and a New Zealander by culture, a fearsome state of confusion which has led me to believe that literature is my safest nationality. Did I come back to Australia to live out of yearning for the place? Not really. We, my wife and I, came here because our three surviving children had come here to live and work and because the climate is warmer.

I trained as a geologist, but that was a wrong turn. I became a school teacher, which I loved, and followed for just over 20 years at primary, secondary and tertiary levels until at 49 I became a professional actor working in film, television, stage and radio on both sides of the Tasman Sea.

All that time I wrote. I’m not very good at doing two things at once so writing came a poor second to the job and providing for a family, but now – now I am retired and I can follow my heart’s desire – now, I can write every day. And I do.

I live with my patient wife in a lovely little house on the island and do my best to enjoy life.

Death of a Friend is my first published novel.

I was the oldest member of the Creative Writing course at Wellington’s Victoria University where I met a great bunch of people. That’s where I wrote my very first novel. It’s buried along with many since, but that is where I learned that I could write a novel as well as short stories.

I spend many hours at my computer, thinking about stories, reviewing comments made by well intentioned people and professional editors and writers. Revision, revision, revision. All this has resulted in a volume of work, some of which has been produced for radio, and some of which has been safely housed in my writing vault. I must admit reading my own work on radio guaranteed it sounded as I meant it to sound – and there was also a reading fee!

It is through my desire to reach others of like mind and to have conversations, no matter where in the world, that I have created this blog and it, in turn, has provided a vehicle for me to share the content that I have created over the years.

So if you are interested in reading more of my work, please sign up for the Freebies and I will send you material over the coming weeks.

I am honored to share my work with you. Not everybody has that opportunity and I believe, passionately, that language, the considered expression of words, is the currency of intelligence, of emotion, wit and wisdom.

With so much violence in the world, language is our only hope of understanding each other.

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