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Post 2: STORM

As I said in the last Post, I now have STORM up and running on all platforms and with a bit of luck I hope to have it free on Amazon by the next Post in a fortnight.

It’s a novella – about 25,000 words – about the death of a young man on the ferry marina at Redland Bay, a real location. The police say it’s an accident but that doesn’t wash with Damian a younger brother. He sets out to find the truth and who to blame for what he considers murder.

I care strongly about STORM.

It’s centred on the power of alcohol, on binge drinking in Australia and I think it applies to a few other ex-colonial countries too. Drinking has its own culture and because its an activity of choice, it has its own price.

One of the insidious things about binge drinking is that it makes its bid for control at that stage when young people are just beginning to make adult decisions. Decisions which point the direction of their lives and often pit social acceptance against independence.

Like most stories, this is one about ‘the price’ but it’s not narrow or judgemental, on the contrary It’s a good story where you make up your own mind about what Damian finds.

I hope you do read STORM and notice the dedication:

[one_third]To those young, learning to live with their own decisions.

Link to iBooks where it’s free:

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