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Post 1: A Brand New Day

G’day friends and readers

Stand back, I’m about to have another shy at this blog business – because I think it’s important.

It’s important because it goes in tandem with my new Subscribers’ List.

And that list is new, because the last one I attempted got lost in spam, which was a sharp lesson to me in the difficulties of building a list. What I thought had reached three hundred people was a hill of beans which collapsed in front of me.

Nothing for it but to close it down, which hurt because there were some genuine people in that lot, the kind I want to speak with and write for. I’m hoping that if you were among them, you’ll find this blog again and sign up, at the same time getting some enjoyable free reading from me.

You can do that on:

My plan is to give the readers on that list early tastes of the work I’m doing and I hope they – you – will give me their opinions. No writer can live in a vacuum and since I live on an island, I don’t meet many outside people who want to talk writing.

E-mails can change that.

Another list advantage is that I shall let people know when I have a new work about to be published.

If you go to that page listed above, you’ll get quite a big section of my new book, Ripple of Danger.

It is due to be published very soon and I shall write to everyone on the list with the publication date, when I know it. Just waiting on the finished cover art work. It’s an exciting and striking cover by a top line cover artist. Probably be out well before the end of the month, so read those extracts and see if you are hooked by Lockie. He’s not your usual hero.

I’ve just published STORM a novella. I hope to make it free on Amazon but at present it’s $US 0.99 there. Its free on all the other platforms, like Ibooks, Kobo, Nook, etc etc.

I’ll talk more of STORM next time.

Of course there are other things I want to speak of on the blog too, but I’ll introduce them as I go.

The plan is to write a post at least once a fortnight.

I look forward to that and I hope you do too.

Good reading, an interesting life,


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  1. Rose Huxley-Jones says:

    Desmond, so glad to hear that you are back into the ‘Blog Business’. I have been waiting with baited breath for your new book and to find out all about Lockie. Warmest regards, Rose

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