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Fathers’ Day Milestone

It’s Fathers’ Day!

And I’ve done it. I have my first Amazon novel up on screen today, quite fortuitously, Fathers’ Day here. It’s ready to go.

It took years of labour to get it this far and yet that may be the easier part of publishing. Getting it read is harder to achieve.

The way Amazon works, books receive more exposure and more sales if they get good reviews – and I don’t just mean one or two reviews, I mean hundreds. In fact the most popular books out there in the crime genre have over a thousand reviews!

How do I compete with that? Well, it’s like any other journey. The first step is the first review. Then comes the second, the third…and so on until there is an avalanche of them… Yes? Yes!

For all the labour involved I have had a great deal of pleasure and fulfillment in writing the novel and I really hope that you get as much enjoyment out of reading it as I have had in writing it.

If readers say they were pleased to find and read it, I’d feel really good about it.

And when you do read it I’d be grateful if you left a review.

The book’s available as both paperback and as an ebook through Kindle.

Well now – big breath, wait for my daughters to ring me for Father’s Day – then get back to the next book, which I hope to have out in a few months. It’s with the editor at the moment. In fact, I have two novels under the eagle eyes of two editors.

amazon Find the book here.

Life is exciting.Death of a Friend ebook

And the very best of it to you,

Desmond L. Kelly

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