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Getting the Baby Born

I’m still sweating blood trying to get my novel, Death of a Friendout as an ebook.

I intend having the book on the web by the end of this month, August.

It’s a big undertaking writing a novel and for me, my contract with you says I must publish a good book; a book of quality.

Good quality in their genre is the thing that all  successful books on the web share.

Of course the best selling books have the most successful publicity campaigns, but in the long run if the book doesn’t tell a strong tale and tell it well, it will fail. Bad is bad.

So how have I kept faith with you in writing a good book? I’ve done these things:

  1. I have what I think is a convincing tale and I have sat, bum to chair, for a very long time, years, writing and rewriting draft after draft until I was satisfied that I had it down in its most interesting and strongest form.
  2. Then I took it to one of the very best editors in Australia and we worked back and forth for more months.
  3. I found a very good designer in Serbia to design the cover.

And then it was ready for Amazon!

Everything within my control to improve the book, I have done and I’m very pleased by the reaction of those who have read it. The things they have said give me pleasure – and relief. It means the time spent revising, revising revising. to make the story clearer, stronger, more compelling,  was  worth while.

My aim is to have characters  emerge from their settings as people we care about, people whose sides we take or oppose.

It is my desire to write about ordinary people – like you and like me – to whom extraordinary things happen. That being so, everything that takes place in the novel must be plausible. There’s no room in this novel for acts of God or timely lottery wins. Every day the sun must come up and go down in accordance with the laws of physics. That’s life.

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