The First Fifteen

I’ve made it!

I’ve got this blog up and running even if I am a touch unsure about how to work it. That’s the disadvantage of having the computer come fairly late into life. Technically, it’s a struggle.

The second thing is that one of the first sights to hits me when I open my blog is the number of website visitors and hey – I’ve had all of fifteen in a month.

That may seem pretty pathetic to you, but it’s my first fifteen and though I may aspire to ten thousand subscribers (and I do) there has to be a first fifteen.

I didn’t tell my family that the blog was up, so it’s a genuine fifteen. Almost genuine. I did open it a couple of times and so I suppose I was counted twice. But that’s irrelevant.

What I haven’t got yet is my first subscriber. I’ll be really chuffed when I get that. Now there’s a chance for you to be a trail blazer.

The real reason I haven’t any subscribers is that I have nothing to give you – yet.

Lists don’t just appear, they are built and it’s my intention to build one on the quality of my writing. My writing reputation will be my ambassador.

OK. So I plan to have giveaways for you because I want you to read my writing. Every author wants to be read. And of course I hope you like what you read, that it will add to your life and its enjoyment. So watch for the  giveaways, they are for you and I want you to enjoy them so much that you’ll buy my novels. You see, I’m being very up front about my intentions. The truth is that no one writes just for themselves. They may say they do: “No, I don’t try to have my work published. It’s enough that I write. That’s the real reward.”

Rubbish. I may not want to freewheel down the road outside yelling “Look mum, no hands!”. That’s an invitation to instant wipeout. Most of us have been there and done that, but if we are no longer exhibitionists we do yearn to put our work out there for others to see, and judge, even if it results in bruises and abrasions to the ego. What I really want is for you to get entertainment and pleasure from what I’ve written; that is indeed a reward and it will make me feel good.

So I’m risking it. I’m writing for you and for me.


Desmond Kelly

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