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Death of a Friend is a thrilling tale of art fraud, corruption, murder and betrayal.

I gripped the simple wooden casket that an hour before we had carried in – the casket containing my dear friend Richard Catlin. And a voice said coldly in my head, “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, Karl Landry? Aren’t you so ashamed of what you’ve done?”

When forensic accountant Karl Landry is asked to investigate a suspicious insurance claim, he has no idea that he’s about to become embroiled in an international art fraud. Karl discovers burnt fragments of paintings that turn out to be genuine works by Caravaggio and Mondrian. What were these stolen masterpieces doing in a run-down Sydney suburban house? And who is responsible for smuggling them into Australia?

These are questions Detective Inspector Fiona Collins also wants answers to; and Karl is horrified when she seems to suspect his best friend, successful lawyer Richard Catlin, of being involved.

As Richard draws Karl deeper into their own investigation, refusing to report their discoveries to DI Collins, Karl himself starts to question his friend’s integrity. But when the moment of betrayal comes, it is Karl who is pushed to the brink of despair. Will he ever forgive himself for doubting his friend and leaving him to die?

Good plot, Excellent ending!

I finished ‘Death of a Friend’ last night and had to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Hooked me from the start and loved the characters and could easily visualise all the places. Good plot, well written with an excellent ending. All in all, a bloody good yarn as us ’experts’ would say.So congratulations to you all round. When do we get to read your next novel?

– Ian Kirk

First Class Crime Fiction

I was hooked from the first chapter of this book. It’s not just an exciting crime novel, full of real life characters who take you on an unforgettable journey into the intriguing worlds of corporate crime, medical research and art theft, it’s also a powerful story of loyalty and friendship. It has a complex and entertaining plot, with a build up of tension right to the very end, where the man who blames himself for the death of his friend finally finds some answers and some peace of mind. I strongly recommend Death of a Friend to all lovers of first class crime fiction. It’s a great read.

– Trish Cation

Good Plot, Real Characters

Desmond Kelly’s brilliance as an author is that he takes us into the depths of his characters’ souls. He has a crafty insight into human nature and his characters are alive; real people. A must read for those who love superb writing and a good plot.

– Robbie Kirk

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